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About us

About Level is a full-service advertising agency specializing in Designer Brand Identity, Custom Web Design, Brand Development & Marketing Strategies. In this first-of-its-kind guide to leading creative agencies, Level Advertising Agency founders Kreshnik Vokshi and Shpat Kozgori share their experiences of building brands from scratch; secrets to making the decision about joining an agency; advice on deciding which route or business model to take; how technology is changing the industry; and how to survive an initial dip out there with no experience at all.

We use our best professional resources available to provide our – clients with timely and affordable professional services. We use our best professional resources available to provide our clients with timely and affordable professional services. At Level, our goal is to help you build a name for your business that stands out above its competitors. We believe in building comprehensive brands using the most creative and high-end experiences available.

At Level, we’re focused on delivering a world-class customer experience that meets your needs, drives repeat business, and drives revenue growth. We offer strategy and expert execution to help you build an enduring brand that companies want to partner with. Together, we stand for professionalism, customer service, and integrity.

We’ve got experience in designing and developing brands, marketing strategies, and content.

The Level staff is very creative, up to date and offered me the best solution for my blog and Instagram page. LEVEL created the identity of the blog and my Instagram page. Our collaboration was very good and the team was always helpful in giving me creative ideas and fast solutions. I am happy to recommend the services of their team.

Besa Begu

LEVEL took care of my newly brand in Prishtina Illusium, Museum of illusions, from creating the brand book , the logo, designing and printing the materials for rooms, designing and developing the website, maintenance of social media. I can confidently recommend LEVEL SH.P.K as a solid advertising agency known best for their creativity in their field.

Lulzim Zeka

LEVEL have helped us with their tireless work such as creating campaigns on Facebook, which helped us grow as a brand on social media. LEVEL responds efficiently to our requests, so we highly recommend them, as it helped us reach our goals with their creativity and hard work.

Fatmir Sejdiu

LEVEL is responsible for designing a long-term communication, marketing and social media strategy in support to the project. The IPR recommends working with Level to all entities interested in recieving timely, efficient, quality and reliable services.

Veton Kasapolli IPR Project

With LEVEL we advanced significantly in the digital market. We are continuously in touch with their team for greater ideas and campaigns with their creative ideas and their professional team.

Azem Salihu

The LEVEL team gave our brand a new meaning in the social media and in digital world. They designed and developed our website, and also social media maintenance. I highly recommend them for their professionalism and creative work, also delivering services on time.

Nehat Peci

LEVEL manages our social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram. The services that this company provides have shown success in our work because we have gained a significant amount of social media users showing interest in our company and engaging with us. LEVEL keeps on giving and bringing new ideas for our company!

Shemsi Llapashtica Art Design

LEVEL have worked on developing our website and developing social media strategies and maintenance. Their professionalism, dedication and willingness to take the time to discuss any concern is what makes them different.

Dr. Fisnik Mekaj

We work with LEVEL team continuously since 2018 for our social media platforms maintenance. We are very happy with their work and their services towards our community.

Florentina Dushi President Yr 2020-2021 at Rotary Club Prishtina